We are a team with many years of experience in ship building and in supplying the best professionals to shipyards all over the world

Our Services

Pipe fitting & repair

Pipe fitting in the marine industry is not an operation to be underestimated. You can rely on our highly skilled personnel for your pipe fitting needs, from piping engineers to pipefitters, from design to repairs.

Marine propulsion

If you need repairs, maintenance or fitting that involves your engines, pumps or universal joints…basically anything and everything relating to marine propulsion, we have the skills.

Ship building

Thanks to our partnerships, we can build whole ships from scratch. Wherever you choose in the world!

And more!

Steelworkers, electricians, electric engineers, qualified welders…you only have to ask.

Why us?

The real question should be: why should you hire workers on a permanent basis, with everything that entails (personnel selection, taxes, benefits,…) when you can use our services tailored to your needs?

We have got the right people

We have got the experience

And our prices are competitive!

Shipyard Services Venice Ltd hires only the best. Our workers have international experience and their skills are certified. We have worked on warships, cruise ships and merchant ships. Professionalism and reliability are our paramount values.

Customers & Partners

Our long standing reliable partners for ship building are: Casa del Motore srl, based in La Spezia (Italy) and Ernani International srl, based in Bucharest (Romania). Both companies are working in sinergy with us.

Here are some of the companies/institutions that we have been working for over the past 20 years through our network of European companies.

Marina Militare

Arsenale Militare di La Spezia – Genova – Augusta

Fincantieri S.p.A.


Siman srl

La Spezia

Casa del Motore srl

La Spezia

Cantieri San Marco srl

La Spezia

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